Drawn Into The Flame

Oh, Giver of the morning star, welcome me in again as I gaze into you. What divinity holds my hand and draws me into the flame? You know because you see the beauty beyond what the eye reveals. You see what sanctuary Earth holds because you are looking through Soul.

Still though, I feel the change in you, though I have yet to see you, your existence not of this world, but amongst the stars. Let me know you, to reach out and touch your skin, to feel the rush of life pulsing through your veins. Oh, vice release me unto the endless outreaches of the lightlessness. Your name on my lips, I absolve my mind and I float away. What hope, what ability to dream washes away in vast waves of colored bliss. This world, it exists beyond that in which I participate.

The light it dances around my eyes, euphoric life-blood of the universe I know; I hold the sound of it next to my heart. Oh eyes, never forget what beauty is bestowed unto you this night. I believe now in divinity as I approach the gate of eternity, garbed in my immortality, begging for blessed passage. Hear my voice across the unbounded sky, my message heard by all but meant for you.

Stay with me a while, draw me into you. You are my flame, your pulse, my fire. Remember me, when I am forgotten. Remember me, who I am underneath my skin.


About Jenni Lyn

A relative "newbie" to the blogging scene, I come armed with a passion of the written word. A travel monger and adventure seeker with just the right amount of nerd for balance, I aim to quench my undying thirst for enlightenment, love, knowledge and humour. That, and if I didn't have writing as a way to exorcise the proverbial demons, they would have drowned me long ago. View all posts by Jenni Lyn

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