The Unseen


I wish you could see me.

But I do not exist. Not because I may not be seen, but because I have no name. My master cannot name me. Therefore, my master cannot see me. And nor can you.

I wish my silent voice would be heard. I wish you would hear my song, so softly I sing it, for it only to fall upon deaf hearts. I cannot speak to my master’s ears, as my master does not recognize my words.

I am the see-er of all things honest. I am the binder to your word and keeper of the essence of all life. I am Soul. But my master won’t show me. My master is blind and therefore I do not exist. My master is afraid of belief and so does not believe in me. My master does not name me.

I am light. I speak to the ears of the heart. My voice is sometimes heard, but my master does not know it to be mine. My master is too afraid to listen to my voice. I show myself to my master’s heart but my master’s heart is too dark for it to see me back. My master is blind.

You see me, don’t you?

If I ask you to, will you dance to the light I shine? Will you hear my plea and show me to my masters eyes? For so long I have longed to speak with my master. My master is lost and does not realize that I can see the path. I know the way. Show me to my master and maybe then my master will recognize me, for we have been connected since before life existed.

My master has forgotten me, but never shall I forget my master. I will wait, in the shadows of my master’s heart, in the darkened corners of my master’s memories. I shall wait until you begin to dance and when my master takes notice of you, I will reawaken my master’s eyes. I will sing my song through you- you, whom my master can see. I will sing it strongly, loudly. I will sing it with all the colour ever created in the depths of the universe. I will sing it with every ounce of strength I have ever had and it will reveberate in my master’s heart. It will show my master colour again, and my master’s heart will remember my song! My Master will remember me then, and embrace my existance and give me my name! And I shall weep with joy and weep with relief, for I will not die now that my Master has brought my life back to me! And I shall cry, “Thank you, Master!! Thank you for remembering me!! Thank you for believing in me once again!! Let me show you the way now, Master. And let us never be apart again!!” And we will walk, and we will talk, and my Master will accept me and me, my Master. We shall travel the path together, and my Master will prevail, with me by my Master’s side. My Master will love me, and will never forget my light again. My Master will be blind no more.

But you are afraid. You are afraid to dance.

My light is weak for I’ve been tending its quiet flame for many long years now. Its colour fades, and its heat dampens.

So here I will wait. I will wait for you to surrender your fear. I will wait for you to be the first, and the leader of many. May I one day see fleets of people- fearless- dancing. May I one day see my master amongst them, dancing to the light.

But for now, I wait in the shadows of my master’s heart. I wait in the darkened corners of my master’s memories. For my master has forgotten me.

But never shall I forget my master.


About Jenni Lyn

A relative "newbie" to the blogging scene, I come armed with a passion of the written word. A travel monger and adventure seeker with just the right amount of nerd for balance, I aim to quench my undying thirst for enlightenment, love, knowledge and humour. That, and if I didn't have writing as a way to exorcise the proverbial demons, they would have drowned me long ago. View all posts by Jenni Lyn

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