C. McHappyPants: Day 2

I woke up this morning from what I could easily describe as the best sleep of my life. It was glorious. Like, the stuff love songs and kittens and happiness are made of.

The Captain was not yet present upon my arrival. In fact, her presence was something of a surprise to me as I was not expecting to see her today. Blindsided, I made a mental note to myself to check if she has any training in covert missions like a ninja brotherhood or the black ops or something. I mean, it’s not totally unrealistic to assume the possibility. She’d be a tough nut to crack under enemy interrogation,  I’m sure. I will keep you posted on my findings.

McHappyPants turned out to be rather chatty today, albeit not towards me. Towards me, all that she can humanly muster up is a mumbled grunt- as what I can only assume- was an answer to my “good morning”. Truth be told, I was surprised even at that. Maybe I’m cracking the tough outer shell to find a creamy sweet chocolaty centre of lovliness surrounded by rich delicious nugaty personality. Maybe my persistent friendliness is wearing her down, like an abrasive sandpaper on a delicate wood fence. I’m like a Friendship Gnat, buzzing around her face, imposing my companionship upon her. Swat away, Captain McHappyPants! I can dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge my way into your heart no matter what you do!

I suppose that’s all the report I have at present. Although she did almost smile sometime around 2pm. We’ll call it a near miss. I’ll file the appropriate forms later.


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A relative "newbie" to the blogging scene, I come armed with a passion of the written word. A travel monger and adventure seeker with just the right amount of nerd for balance, I aim to quench my undying thirst for enlightenment, love, knowledge and humour. That, and if I didn't have writing as a way to exorcise the proverbial demons, they would have drowned me long ago. View all posts by Jenni Lyn

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